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Time Flies When You're Having Fun

This is a sponsored post with Woodgrain Watches. All opinions are my own.

It is HUMP day errr body! 

I wish I could say I was excited that we are half way through the week but I'm not... I really need time to s l o w the **** down! I don't want summer to be over. I am NOT prepared 😩

But, I have to pull myself together because it is inevitable so, that is exactly what I am *trying* to do. 

I wanted to write this post today for two reasons. One because I wanted to share my love for wood watches and the other is the accessories I received from a jewelry subscription company. They both helped to make this casual date night outfit a #sucesss 💁🏼so I needed to let y'all know about them! 

Those two brands are Woodgrain Watches and Rocks Box and let me tell ya, they are amazing. One provides chic watches while the other offers the cutest designer jewelry for a great price. I mean accessories really do make an outfit. Am I right????? If you don't agree you can just see for yourself below (; 

Woodgrain Watches just launched a kickstarter campaign of their brand new collection of Luxury Wood Watches and I was very excited when they asked to work together. I love the way wood watches have a causal look but then their face is so sophisticated. They are handmade with different types of wood so you can really get that style you're searching for. Also, if you are like me and have very small wrists, it is very easy to take a few links out yourself to make it fit how you would like! 

I was a little nervous about this but I promise you won't break it haha.

They have many options right now where you can chose to back this project and receive 1, 2 or even 4 timepieces! Here is the link to their kickstarter campaign so you can shop(: 

You are probably now wondering what Rocksbox is and how to find more information. Well, don't worry I will be doing a full blog post dedicated just for Rocksbox (and inlcude a code for a FREE month) so make sure to stay tuned! For now, you can check them out here

Top: blue camisole / Lush / similar & similar

Pants: destroyed boyfriend denim / Pac Sun / similar

Shoes: strap sandals / Express / similar

Ring: Camellia Ring in Rose Quartz/ Aster / RocksBox 

Watch: Woodgrain Watches 

Sunglasses: Barry - Pink Mirror Polarized Lens/ Diff Eyewear 



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