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Unexpected Stocking Fillers For Fashion-Addicts

The Christmas season can be a taaaad stressful for one reason. Christmas shopping... Buying the right gift often feels like an impossible task, especially if you’re trying to buy for friends and relatives you don’t see often. It’s impossible to know what they would like or even what they already have.

However, you can narrow your options by picking items that nobody else is going to buy for them. For instance, if you have among your friends someone who pays a great deal of attention to their clothes and style – whether male or female – you can go down the fashion route with your eyes open for wonderful presents.

One word of advice, though. Try to choose something that your friends are likely to appreciate and wear. While you can find plenty of unusual fashion items, you need to be clear about your fashionista friend’s tastes. I would suggest playing kind of safe except for your eccentric friends (;

Everyone needs a seasonal item

We all know that almost everyone loves a good "ugly" Christmas sweater. However, as the ugly Christmas fashion has become pretty trendy, you friend probably already has one or two. BUT a great alternative are seasonal holiday shirts - they can be great for someone who's got a tropical vacation booked for New Year's Eve. Nothing says relaxed and funky Christmas like a Hawaiian shirt with a surfing Santa! 😆 You can find other options, such as seasonal bow ties and ties – which are a fantastic add-on to a Christmas party outfit –, belts and even necklaces for women.

Why not encourage a friend to find their true style?

You’d be surprised to know that most people struggle to develop a style that suits them. Indeed, confidence is the most common obstacle to experimenting with your fashion sense. In fact, you might even have a friend who loves fashionable items but never feels like she can pull an outfit off. We've all been there. Either you are the friend that gets told, "You can pull anything off. I wish I could." Or maybe you are the one telling your friends that. But you can help her (or you) find her lost self-confidence and falling love with fashion again with a personal shopper service. Indeed, why not leave it to a specialist to showcase her personality through the right clothes?

All eyes on your feet

Last, but not least, socks are not anymore a cheap and thoughtless Christmas present. I love me some cute festive, boot, or colorful socks haha. They’ve become a powerful fashion statement for both men and women. The abundance of cropped pants in the high street encourage fashionistas to show off their best socks with their favorite heels. You can find fun-looking and colorful creations online that would suit a variety of styles and tastes.

Are you ready to surprise a friend with an original fashion present this Christmas? Hopefully, this little guide can help you to blow their socks off! Eh? Eh? Do you get it? 😉



*Please note that this post may have affiliate links*  Any products listed or reviews and opinions are as always of my own and true to how I feel.

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