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Vintage Vibes

I have a new outfit to share with you all! I seriously found this dress and I knew it was love at first sight. It had the perfect color, comfy material, and just the right amount of detail with the criss cross in the front.

It also had a sort of vintage look to it so pairing it with black tights and a fedora hat really finished off the look. And luckily, I was able to find this super nicewhite brick wall! I am all about those plain brick backgrounds haha. But that wasn't even the coolest backdrop, just wait until the end (; 

This outfit is perfect for a casual shopping day or if you're trying to look trendy out work I say go for it! I mean honestly anything you want!

For some reason the aesthetics of these photos just really work for me and I think my mom did an awesome job at capturing the vibe I was going for. (Thanks, Mom!)

I can't forget my bomb ass booties!!! They have fringe on the sides of them and they just add a little spice to any outfit I have worn them with. Get yourself a pair...especially because they are on sale for 28 bucks!!! Links below, your welcome (;

When I was searching for this dress online I couldn't find the exact dress to add the link but I was able to find a couple that are super similar! I will link those at the end. There are also a ton of these dresses on the Gliks site in different colors so you can get one that compliments your skin tone!

Well guy I guess it's about that time to show you the coolest photo of all.................

I am from a small town in the middle of Illinois. I love the town I came from and it totally made me who I am today. Coming from a smaller town allows you to be a part of so many different things and you don't have to pick just one area to focus on. You learn about all areas of yourself. You also get friendly hello's and can ride your bike anyway. #perks

Another cool thing about small towns are those eclectic places that have cool history and just make the town unique. So, one of those places in my town is by the square there is a shop with a ton of old cars inside and they are beautiful! Well on this particular day with this perfect outfit one of those fancy cars  were sitting outside about to be driven and so of course my mom made me take advantage of it. I'm glad she did because the photos were so cute! 

What's some of your favorite things about your hometown? I'd love to read about them (: 

Outfit Details: 

Dress: My dress is from Gliks (seriously becoming my favorite store) I've linked a few similar ones here.

Socks: I found these perfect bootie socks at Walmart! Yes, Walmart my friends! It came in a pack of four with two cream based ones and to black based ones. I LOVE them. There are similar ones here. 

Booties: These are also from Gliks. They are MIA Shoes Finnegan Ankle Boots in Black. And even cooler news THEY ARE ON SALE for $28.69 (such a steal). 

Hat: My hat is from Target they have a ton of options all of the time but another place I love is GiGi Pip. Like this Ramona Flat Top Black Felt Hat. Uhh swooning! 

That's all for today but I hope you have a killer Friday Eve!!! (; 

-xo Kenzie 

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