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Every time I have an event that I have to go to I do three things: 

1). Cry (from excitement that I get to buy a new outfit)

2). Cry (from sadness that I have to buy a new outfit)

3.) Get super excited again the day I get to dress up and do my makeup.

It is literally a mental debate that goes on in my mind. I hate spending the $$ but I love looking fashionable. I try to always top my last outfit and not for anyone else but honestly because I just have a lot of fun doing it. Also, sometimes even thought I don't like spending tons of money I splurge a little.

It's healthy. Or so I tell myself haha. We buy gifts for others so sometimes it's okay to buy gifts for ourselves. It's a pat on the back for a job well done. (That is my coping mechanism so just let me go with it.)

My sister's graduation was one of those events. I needed a casual yet dressy look for a hot graduation in the gym. This is what I came up with and I think it was perfect!

I have been seeing these mid length dresses for awhile now but couldn't seem to commit until one day I found this one at Von Maur. I paid $44 for it which I didn't think was that bad but it is now for sale for $22! I love the Lush Juniors Shirttail Hem Dress so much that I almost wanted to buy it in 2 colors!

I found my necklace at Gliks to add a pop of color // My shoes are Steve Madden Tallen Open Toe Bootie

Praise Von Maur.


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