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What Will You Be Wearing on the 4th of July?

Hey friends, 

Just sitting here binging on Jane the Virgin 😍

On my Instagram, I asked people about how they felt about the show and if others watched it & it seemed to have positive reactions from everyone. 

I think it is just the funniest show. I love how it is staged like a telenovela. It is a little cheesy but that's what makes it so fun! I also love that it has a lot of Mexican culture in it. I LOVE listening to Spanish and I am trying to become more conversationally fluent in the language. I took like 5-6 years of it but we all know that doesn't actually make us fluent. Anywho, this show has a character who only speaks in Spanish (abuela) and the rest of them go back and forth between Spanish and English, making it very interesting to listen to and it helps me learn it too #winwin 💛

Also, I think I relate to the main character Jane a lotttttt. So, of course it makes it easy to connect. I mean I don't have the crazy problems of getting inseminated while going in for a routine check up (I am telling you, if you haven't watched it before it is crazy) but I am a little OCD and like lists and stress about a lot of stuff, so in that way I feel like I am a lot like Jane. 

I don't want to ruin the show for you so I won't say anymore, but if you need a show and want it to be more fun then serious, then Jane the Virgin is for YOU! 

Back to the  reason of this post before I got off on my love for Jane the Virgin....

Since the 4th of July is coming up rather quickly I thought I would share some must have outfits for the special occasion. Even though Peter and I probably won't be doing anything crazy fun it is still a great excuse to get a new outfit and celebrate our amazing country (; 


I've rounded up a few different styles for outfits you can sport on this next Independence Day (: Whether you will be sitting by a lake and cooking hot dogs all day or attending a more classy event I've got something for everyone! 👍👍👍

Apollo Beach Romper

First up, the black romper from Roolee Boutique. I think if you paired this up with some red lace up sandals and red and blue jewelry you will be very festive! It allows you to have a lot of room with how to accessorize since it is plain black! 

VIP Section White Off-the-Shoulder Crop Top

This white off the shoulder is another staple piece for the holiday! I love wearing neutrals and giving it pops of color with shoes and jewelry but even pairing this top with some red shorts would really make it pop! I also love the white on white look these days so find yourself some cute white shorts or pants and make it very chic.

PPLA Leanne Red Off-The-Shoulder Shift Dress

If you have a more fancy event to attend for this holiday then this bright red off-the-shoulder dress if for you. The silhouette is perfect and I love how red it is! 

Season of Fun Off The Shoulder Top

If you haven't already figured it out, I am slightly obsessed with OTS 🙈 I picked this top to have a more casual look and give some blue options! I LOVE blue and wear it almost daily so knowing me I will probably be wearing something blue on this day. The bow tie on the bottom of the top is also just to die for!!!! 


If you are more of a "throw on a festive t-shirt" kind a girl then don't worry I got you covered! You can find all of these tops at Nordstrom, right here! #thankyounordstrom 


I thought it would be fitting to also include some jewelry to add with these pieces. I am all about affordable jewelry but also ones that are super cute! That is why I am all about the SUGARFIX by BaubleBar. 

I've listed some of my favorites below! You can find them here. 

Hope these have been some great outfit ideas for you! I will be sharing the outfit details for the tee that I bought for the 4th soon so make sure to either subscribe or be on the lookout in these next few days! (: 

And seriously, I would love to know what you think about the show if you decide to watch it so leave it in the comments 😊

💥💥💥 Happy early 4th of July babes and Happy early birthday USA 💥💥💥



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