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When Women Support Each Other Incredible Things Happen

You know what really bugs me? When you don't ask for someones opinion but they feel like they have the right to give it to you anyway. 

Do you guys know what I'm talking about? Has this ever happened to you????

Sometimes, I am feeling so proudor happyor beautifulwith whatever I am doing that day whether that is how I look or what I am expressing in my fashion attire or maybe it's a project I've been working on. And I am pumped right? Nothing can tear me down! Or so I think.....

Because then out of no where this person comes along to say "I don't like what you are wearing" / "I don't think you should do that" / "woah that's a lot of makeup".

And then your whole day just comes crashing down. You're mood flips and then suddenly something that was giving you so much joy and making you feel unstoppable, is now making you feel insecure and small.

You want to get home and change, shave your lip hair (we all have it okay, can people get over it already), delete the work you've been working so hard on, or whatever it is that person decided they needed to call you out on. 


And look I'm not saying I'm not guilty by any means. I know I do it too and I can think of exact instances where I have said something just because I thought it needed to be said and I could see that persons spirits just drop. Then, I realize it wasn't that importance after all.

It's just a perpetual, vicious cycle because someone does it to you and then you do it to someone else because of how that person made you feel etc. etc.

Honestly, it needs to stop. We need to learn to think before we say something. We are living in a world where we can be proud of who we are and we don't owe it to anyone to explain that to them. It doesn't matter if you are thin or a little chunky, you want to rock that crop top,DO IT. And nobody say a damn thing to them okay?!?! Because if they are happy, doesn't that make you happy?

If someone has a fuller chest and is tired of hiding up a part of their identity because society deems it not classy and tasteful so they decide to just wear what they want... LET THEM! PRAISE THEM, for being brave enough and proud of enough of who they are to not care about society. It already took them a lot of courage to do it so they don't need you putting them down, okay?

After typing all of this I realize all of the things I have said to people for no reason at all but to possibly point out something I have an issue with that might have been that persons insecurity and I just want to go apologize like crazy. I am going to try my best from here on out to not give someone my input or thought on what they are wearing or something they are doing unless asked. 

Easier said that done, but maybe little by little we will stop criticizing each other and start lifting each other up more for our differences and our confidence in who we are. 

Basically, LIVE YOUR LIFE.

Okay rant over haha. Now here are some amazing photos of one of my new fave outfit! Thank you Apricot Lane and Urban Outfitters. Outfit deets below babes! 

Outfit Details:

I hope I inspired you to maybe take a look at some unwanted advice you were giving and replace it with inspiring compliments and praise on something that makes someone so happy! 

xo- Kenzie 

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