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Wine, Good in Both Drink and Dress Form

You guys... You don't have to tell me that I am the WORST blogger.

I feel like I haven't wrote anything is 91748364785 years.

Trust me, it's not because I don't love you all or that I don't love blogging because, I DO. It's this whole Grad School thing! Who said this was going to be easy? Whoever they are, they were wrong. Talk about more work and more homework, and less sleep, and wayyyy less money. I don't how I'm even surviving. 

Someone should come check on me and make sure I'm still doing good over here if I take this long to ever write a post again. I might run off and take a staycation but that wouldn't be good because I need this degree if I ever want to actually ya know buy a house, food, a  car, or live....

Alright so long story short. I apologize. I'm barley surviving school. I need a staycation. 

Next order of business, WINE. Wine has been saving me in more than one way lately. We all know that wine fixes all problems and that it is always wine o'clock but did you know that the color wine is THE MOST gorgeous color that i'm obsessing over for this fall season??? 

This dark, sultry shade has been taking the racks my storm! I mean it. If you walk into a store you will see it everywhere! And I'm not bad about it. I've already boughten a dress and blouse but I can promise you there will be more...

My dress is from Francesca'sand it is an Alya. It was $44. The material is so soft and comfortable and reminds me a lot of a piko dress. I searched the name and code number and everything on the website and I'm guessing this is an in stores only piece because I just bought it not even a week ago and it is no where to be found on the website. I've linked some similar dresses here and here andddddd here.

My shoes are one of my favorite booties right now from Glik's! They are the Pierre Dumas Denny Ankle Booties in Brown and were only $35 dollars! 

Stay tuned if you want to see my blouse (; I'm obsessed! 

Happy Hump Day! 

(I promise to try and be better.)


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