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Yoga + Athleisure

HEY f r i e n d s ✨

This past week and a half, my boyfriend and I went home to celebrate the 4th of July. We had some cool plans to go to the beach and watch awesome fireworks and all that jazz but you know how it is living on a broke college student budget.... So, that plan was quickly tossed aside and we said to ourselves, "Hey, we can just go home because that will only cost about $150 dollars total in gas." 

That was enough to convince me because that also means home cooked and *free* meals! 

While we were there, we decided that we wanted to get into yoga. Like really reallyinto it. I have done mediocre yoga for a few years where I find some nice routines on Youtube but I never really took the plunge and became like an avid yoga doer? Is that what you would even call someone that does yoga?

LOL 😂 I just looked it up and I think I have heard it before... maybe... that just goes to show that I definitely need to read up on my yoga practices (; 

In case you were wondering they are called "yogis". 

Basically, I need some suggestions everyone! How do Peter and I start doing yoga all of the time, like what is the best way? I don't really want to pay for a gym and classes right now because *broke* but if you guys know of some kind of videos or something you would recommend I would totally welcome all ideas. ☺️☺️☺️

When I do practice yoga, I find that doing it outside is so much more peaceful than indoors. I just love the sound of the wind and birds and ya know, nature! But inside is nice too because you can control the lighting and use diffusers for calming aromas and things. Where is your favorite place to practice yoga?

By the way can we just appreciate my boyfriends, parent's backyard?!? It is so pretty. They have flowers galore and a pretty awesome vegetable garden. #yardenvy 🌿 Hopefully, one day I will be able to do the same thing.

Athleisure, athleisure, athleisure. I am going to be super honest. I feel like my athleisure SUCKS. I just have always hated paying so much $$$$ for workout clothes. It wasn't worth it to me so I would just pay for the expensive dress clothes and say "mehh" to the workout clothes. 

My thought process on that has T O T A L L Y reversed. Now, all I care about is being comfortable most of the time so I would say that athleisure is my go to. I think I still am slacking in this department but I thought this outfit was a good start, right? 🌼

Outfit Details

Yoga Mat: similar here

Nike Top: similar here and here

Nike Leggings: similar here and here and here

Moral of the story, don't feel bad if you feel like you have bad athleisure wear okay?! Just buy one piece at a time and your collection will start to grow. I would check outlet stores and GORDMANS because that is where I get a lot of my Nike clothes for cheap!!!! 

But for real if you all have some cool suggestions for my new found interest in becoming an avid yogi (see what I did there 😏) - hit a girl up 🙋🏼

Happy Monday babes - stay golden! 



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