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7 Style Tips for The Office

Having style in the workplace can be very difficult. If you are part of the majority of the workforce, your place of work is likely to have a dress code. This restricts your creative input and forces most people into a dull and dreary cycle of outfits. That's the case for me at least lol...

A study by the University of Hertfordshire found that there was a direct link between what people wear and their mood. Their findings showed that women were at their happiest when wearing well-shaped, complimentary clothing made from vivid and beautiful fabrics. Therefore, it’s important to bring some flair to the workplace to feel at your best.

If you’ve decided to begin adding some style to your work outfits, it can be hard to know where to start. Perhaps it’s a little too much to do a complete wardrobe overhaul. As with most lifestyle changes, it’s important to take small steps. Slowly adapt your fashion to the workplace until you find the perfect blend for you.

For anyone who’s sick and tired of routine workwear, here are seven style tips that will make you sparkle in the office.

1. Accessorize

If the dress code in your office is strict or formal, the best way to inject some style is through your accessories. Sophisticated yet chic is a great approach to office accessories. Make a statement with a bag, a necklace, or a belt. A structured bag is elegant and classy. The right necklace can add sparkle without being too distracting. A belt can give more shape to your outfit, and it can also be used to add color. While staying true to your dress code, you can still bring another dimension to your look through accessories.

2. Stylish formalwear

If formal attire is a must, there’s no reason you can’t wear it with style. Business formal clothing for women can be fashionable, particularly in today’s climate, where successful businesswomen are role models. A great pant or skirt suit is a must-have for formal office wear. Choose a color that compliments your body, but try your best to stick to neutral tones, such as black, navy, brown, or gray. The key to a good suit is the fit. Ensure that yours is comfortable and fits like a glove. Take your suit to a tailor if needs be. Closed-toe heels are conservative yet stylish, making them a perfect office shoe. White button-up shirts are timeless, classy, and go with everything. Skirts are stylish options but make sure they don’t come too high above your knee.

3. Eyewear

Whether you wear prescription lenses, blue light protective lenses, or sunglasses, your eyewear can be used to make a fashion statement. Your glasses are more than just practical accessories; they can contribute to your outfit. Getting the right frames can give a sophisticated, sleek, and modern look. If you have multiple pairs, you can mix and match to add versatility to your daily outfits. is an excellent source for fashionable eyewear, making these looks more achievable.

4. Colors

While black, navy, brown, and gray are the most common colors found in an office, adding a splash of color can really enhance your regular attire. Add some seasonal tones and give your outfits some pop. There’s no need to be overly flamboyant, but spring or summer hues can have a fabulous impact when the seasons are changing.

5. Embrace casual Fridays

If your workplace encourages casual Fridays, use these days to get creative with what you wear. The key here is not to go overboard on the casual or the dressy side. There is a lot of middle ground to work with. Some great directions to take your casual Friday outfits are the smart-sporty route, a jump-suit blazer combo, patterned skirts and blouses, and vibrant colored outfits. Embrace casual Fridays, and do you.

6. Push boundaries with your hair

Experimenting with your hairstyle is something that you can easily do when working in an office. Just because you’ve had the same look for a long time, it doesn’t mean you can’t embrace change and push the boundaries. Whether you want to go for a ponytail, an updo, or a topknot, don’t hesitate to push the boundaries and change up your hairstyle. demonstrates how you can achieve one of these looks.

7. Don’t fear the dress

A dress is arguably the most suited form of attire for the office. However, it is avoided by many women. Dresses are versatile, classy, and can be accessorized easily. While you don’t want to wear a short or tight fitted dress, you want the shape to be flattering to your body type.

Don’t fear the dress, and begin to incorporate it into your regular workwear.

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