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Backpack Essentials

It's about that time folks........ school time.......... 

Either way you feel about it, on a scale of (Over Achiever - LET'S DO THIS ----------- to ------------ I HATE SCHOOL - Get Me Out of Here) it is going to happen. 

I remember when I was in grade school I would get this churning upset stomach every first day of school. I would sometimes even cry a little but secretly so my mom wouldn't think I was being a baby. I never really protested though because I knew once I got in and got my hands dirty the feeling would be okay. I also knew that no matter how I felt about that school year, because some years I actually was pumped, I would get that icky feeling. I STILL get that feeling and I am going into my 19th year of school. Yes you heard me correctly. 

I think part of this feeling just comes from the unknown. You don't know how much work or how hard this year is going to be. Are you going to have friends in the class? Where will you sit? Will you like this teacher? Do you have the right books? It's scary and I get it. 

I have tried my best to come to terms with that feeling and start embracing it. I think it's a good feeling because it means you care about the work you are about to do and when you care good things happen.

Now, as I mentioned I am a pro at back to school shopping because helloooooo after 19 years, you'd think something would stick right? (; 

I decided that doing a little Backpack Essentiallist would be super beneficial because this is something that you would need whether you're a freshman in high school or a 2nd year graduate student like myself. These are the things that are absolutely NEEDED if you want to stay organized and prepared for this school year - with a little bit of style! 

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1. Campus Tech Backpack / Vera Bradley / $108

2. Resort Collection - Waikiki 17 oz  / S'well / $35

3. Dahlia 17-month large agenda / Kate Spade / $36

4. Ballpoint Pens, Medium Point, Assorted Colors 10/Pack / Staedtler  / $4.99

5. Trend Notebook, 1-Subject / Five Star / $8.15

6. Plastic Hard Case / Mosiso / $12.99

7. Travel Dopp Cosmetic Case / Lilly Pulitzer /  $52

8. Collegiate Front Zip Wristlet / Vera Bradley / $48

These are the products I have found to be absolutely essential for my success at school. I usually change up what types of planners and backpacks I get from year to year based on what I am feeling at that moment. Like last year I only wanted a huge tote to carry everything in but I realized that hurt my shoulders so bad and probably wasn't such a great idea. I think going back to the backpack is a necessity. 

What are some of your back to school essentials? 



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