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Hello my lovely followers!

So, I just really have some feels right now regarding the "perfect beach body".

1) because I recently viewed and shared a video on Facebook that talked about that perfect beach body that women die over every year and got major responses from it, and 2) because I also struggle with having this thought before every spring break trip or start of summer and I am t-i-r-e-d of it.

The video talked about how we are TOLD that we have to have this body ready in order to look good or go to the beach; that in order for us to look sexy and feel feminine and flirty we have to look like this fake, non realistic version of women.

Every magazine and fitness site always poses the question, "Are you beach body ready?" They literally force women to think that they are not perfect the way that they are. That they literally can't just put on a swimsuit and go out into the world comfortably in their own skin. They have to fix themselves, change themselves. Ugh. Yuck.

It even said that a lot of women actually avoid going to the beach because they don't have said beach body and that 80% of young women avoid activities due to body insecurities. LIKE WHAT!!!!!!!

I'm sorry but I just find this a tad ridiculous. I'm not sure if it is because I don't work out in the slightest and actually have very hateful, repulsive feelings when it comes to doing pretty much anything physical or for the fact that it is just insane for someone to tell another person how they are supposed to look in order to go to the beach and feel beautiful!

It is their own body so how does someone dictate that?

What I do love about the video though was how women were fighting back. They were confidently going out and being their beautiful selves in the body that they feel the most beautiful in. They even started using hashtags like #EachBodysReady.

I shared this video because I believe that every body is a beach body. It is a body that when having fun and hanging out on the beach is then therefore a beach body. I don't think any girl should feel that she has to have no fat on her stomach and toned abs and arms. I think that if you feel happy and healthy with how you are living your life that makes you beautiful.

Own who you are and own your body. All it takes is a little confidence and a smile. Trust me that beauty will last far longer than the beauty of the "perfect beach body".

Just one last thing, I think that if you want to be healthier to feel healthier that is great too but it has to be for yourself when you are ready and when it will make YOU happy. It can't be for anyone else and it most certainly shouldn't be because that is what other people deem as acceptable.

What are your thoughts on this? Also, I am including the Facebook Page where the video was posted so you can see it for yourself.

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