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Putting Your Positive Energy To Good Use

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

You’re a positive person, and you love bringing an upbeat energy and a fun personality to everything you do. (Maybe you aren't and maybe you don't... I don't know your life (; butttt if you are then great if you aren't then pretend.) Your friends and family love it too, and they love to have you around because of it. You believe in yourself and others, and you can always see the good in things. But being a positive person can have much more of an impact than what you’re currently serving - why not look into what else you can do with the shine you bring to daily life?

You’ve got a lot to offer, so now’s the time to get yourself out there!

Hone Your Craft

If you’re a positive person, then you’re probably feeling quite confident most of the time. And even when you’re not, you feel ready to walk into a room with a smile on your face, and make the most of the time you have there. True confidence is believing that you’re going to be just fine if someone you work with or have to interact with doesn’t like you, and you don’t tend to rely on the validation of others.

And because of that, working hard to hone a craft you love is a great next step. It’s a way to take yourself higher, and better your talents and skills, paying mind to the criticism you get while not letting it truly get to you. So, if you love drawing or painting, or you love coding and software development, now would be a great time to apply to a school or a new course that’s going to help you hone the craft you’re passionate about. Even a rejection is a sign you’re on your way!

Look to Inspire Others

When you’re a positive person, you’ve got a lot to offer other people, even when they don’t seem too ready for it. Even just being around you can act as a lesson, and that’s something you should be aware of - if you’re able to put just a little bit of new feeling or change in someone’s heart by accident, think of what you could do if it was your profession!

So, now’s the time to join the troupe of top motivational speakers, and think about training for a position of using some of your innate charisma and energy to stand in front of a crowd and help change their outlook on life.

You might have been one of them once upon a time, you might still be one of them, but it’s because of your positive personality and attitude that you’re standing where you are right now. You could be a great example, and if you’re worried about becoming self important on your journey, your true positive energy won’t let you.


The energy you have as a person is always going to be at least a little positive, so make sure you’re using it this year to become a better person. You never know, you might just pull the people around you up with you as well! If not, it always helps to bring a dog around. People LOVE dogs (;

Have a killer Thursday night loves.



*Please note that this post may have affiliate links*  Any products listed or reviews and opinions are as always of my own and true to how I feel.

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