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I learned a very valuable lesson today --- Don't take selfies while cooking grilled cheese.

It all started out fine putting the butter on the bread and laying the cheese on top. It was during that process that I realized 1) what great lighting was coming from the kitchen window and 2) that I hadn't gotten the perfect photo of my new hair do yet so taking a selfie was a must.

I got so wrapped up into getting a good photo, I guess the disgusting smell and small amount of smoke that was building up around me didn't phase me. Now, I know this comes at no surprise to most people because I'm not the best cook in the first place, but I just thought that I would share that if there is ever not a time to take a selfie, it is while cooking grilled cheese. Maybe during something like mac and cheese it would be okay. I would allow that because there is more down time.

(I am just now noticing how most of my diet consists of cheese and I'm not sure that is healthy but it sure is good so I don't really care.)

And, even though I realized that this particular moment of my life was not an optimal moment for selfie taking, I wanted to let the world know just how important I think taking selfies are!!!

I take selfies on the regular. My sister does too. She even got mad at me when I borrowed her selfie stick for a weekend excursion and didn't have it back to her by Sunday, so she "had to miss" her Selfie Sunday and was very upset. She is obviously a better and more determined selfier than myself, but regardless I know deep down that we all love taking those selfies.

I think that taking selfies and enjoying yourself and who you are and appreciating what you have to offer is the first step to loving oneself.

Now, I am not saying that you don't love yourself if you don't take selfies or that some people can take the picture taking to the extreme. I am however saying, that being comfortable in your own skin to take a photo and say "Yeah I think I look beautiful in that!" really does help ones self esteem. I firmly believe that everyone should build others up when it comes to selfies. Don't make fun and put them down because they are taking a photo of themselves. If they were taking a photo of something out on the street that they thought was beautiful and they wanted to admire it and give it love and attention you wouldn't think twice about it. So why do it when a human being is loving and appreciating themselves?

There is so much hate in the world that I think it is okay to tell yourself you're beautiful, gracious, deserving, and capable of so much. If you start with yourself then you will be able to spread that love and appreciation to others and then slowly we might start to see the hate go away.

It always starts from within so I say hold your head up high and selfie on!!!!


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