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My whole undergraduate experience can be summed up by one word. 


My sorority was a safe haven for me. It was my place. A place where my voice mattered and a place where I had a million different support systems all hours of the day. I know sororities sometimes get a bad rap but that's why I wanted to write this post. I wanted to spread the love, the history, and the traditions that come with being a part of something that is so indescribable.

Now, of course, Tri Delta holds a place very near and dear to my heart so I will talk about it in a little more detail; but something that is so important to remember is that every single sorority has a purpose. They have traditions, they have memories, and they have a sense of family. It can be found in all of us and that is what makes being a part of a sorority so special. You don't only have the love and support of your new found sisters within your affiliation, you also have the bond of sisterhood between all chapters. We all care for causes bigger than ourselves and we all have the power to make a change for the future.

Walking out of the front doors of Delta Delta Delta into a cold winter night during preference round was honestly the most magical experience I have ever had. There were soft lights streamed across the room, pearls placed delicately around the floor, and letters filled with words that highlighted the positive strengths that I had and could share with Tri Delta. That night made me feel like everything that I had worked hard for had a purpose. It brought me to a place where others would accept and appreciate me and want to help me achieve even more, go even further, make an even bigger difference. The second best day was bid day. Opening the card that read, "Delta Delta Delta"only left me with a pure and radiant joy that filled me entire soul. I knew I was in for a fantastic ride and let me tell you; I wasn't disappointed.

What makes Tri Delta so special you ask? Well, I will tell you.

Tri Delta was founded at Boston University, and although there were three other groups, there wasn't one that stood for the purpose and values that our founders believed in. My favorite quote of all time was what our two founders based our sorority on, "Let us find a sorority that is kind alike to all and thinks more of the girl's inner self and character than of her personal appearance."

This is what drew me in. I was fascinated that something with such history had started with a beautiful, meaningful, and all inclusive purpose. I knew I could grow here. I could learn here. That is why Tri Delta.

Body Imagae 3D is another reason. Tri Delta launched this as a multidimensional approach to body image awareness and education. HOW AMAZING.Because of this I was able to be an advocate for healthy mind, healthy body, and healthy spirit. I truly believe in the education on this campaign and I love that my passions could overlap.

Lastly, the motto that I found on the bottom of the webpage while I was researching the different sororities was

"a perpetual bond of friendship"

To me, this said it all. It was forever, it was authentic, and it was bond that I wanted so badly to be a part of. Our founders envisioned a place that would inspire the ideals of truth, self-sacrifice and friendship. Tri Delta's purpose and all of the wonderful women inside keep those values alive and I know it will never change.

"Tri Delta’s membership is made up of women who have different experiences and backgrounds but who all share a common bond through upholding our ideals of truth, self-sacrifice and friendship." This is a promise Tri Delta made. This is where the bond is formed, where the friendships become everlasting, and the love and support is never ending. Being in a sorority holds you accountable. It challenges you to be the best version of yourself. It pushes you to do more and holds your hand through it all. A sorority opens your eyes to bigger issues and lets you have a role in helping the future. But most importantly, it values and loves you unconditionally. I am Tri Delta. We are sorority women. Lets make a difference. -xo

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