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10 Podcasts for Women in Their Twenties

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

We talked either last post or two ago about how I am  super into podcasts lately. And like when I say I am in to podcasts... I mean that I listened to one and then jumped off of the deep end and listened to like 20 in a row. And I am never going back. *I was driving for 11 hours. I didn't just sit and vege out and act like a lame human being for no reason.*

The reason I wasn't that into them before was because I am a young 23 year old who has been in college running around like crazy, super involved, and living off of coffee. When the heck would I have any time from 30-60 minutes to just sit there and listen to something leisurely? I didn't right? Because NO ONE DOES. Well, now that I have a commute of 3 hours everyday to work and I drive to visit my boyfriend at least once a month (the reason I was driving for 11 hours)... let me tell ya, I've got nothing but time!! 

If you feel like you just don't know where to start or how or what podcasts really even are etc. then you've come to the right place 😉

Basically, everyone has the app if you have an Iphone. And I know that a large majority of you do so go look for it. It comes already installed on your phone (it is purple if that helps). Then, you just search a title and listen. Literally, it is that easy. And if you're like me you might feel or at one point did feel nervous because you were like ,"well I'm not that kind of person" but like listen.... There are ALL KINDS of podcasts for all kinds of people which does include you! 

You can listen to comedies, murder mysteries, religious/spiritual talks, sports shows, self help and the list could go on and on. How I found some of my favorites was just by googling "top women podcasts" and "empowered women podcasts". Yes, there is a trend here because you know that is what I wanted to listen to to just get myself feeling PUMPED. I was feeling my feminist side really calling me that day. 

To help narrow it down for you and give you a place to start I am going to share some of a favorite podcasts that I listen to. And these range from all different genres so come one come all!!!!

1. Girlboss Radio 

This show is hosted by Sophia Amoruso. She is the creator of Nasty Gal and is the one that new show on Netflix is inspired by. Each week she interviews #bossbabes from different fields and they are always so inspiring! I swear I couldn't listen to this one fast enough. I love hearing how they started out with their first jobs and then how they got to where they are now. Which is totally killing the game in case you were wondering! I mean the creators of theskimm and Outdoor Voices and just so many amazing entrepreneurs are on this show. It is a MUST. 

2. The Lively Show | Jess Lively

This show is all about adding a little extra intention to your day. Each week Jess interviews different experts in the field that really know a thing or two about how to live your life with purpose. I have gained a new understanding of my sense of self and how the world operates around me. They talk a lot about quantum mechanics which basically has something to do with energy and how to channel it (listen if you're curious to learn more). 

3. Up and Vanished

This is an investigative podcast that explores the unsolved disappearance of a Georgia Beauty Queen. She has been missing for 11 YEARS. It takes you through lots of twists and it is very interesting. I kept wanting to speed through this so badly so I could know who did it and why!!!

4. The Bitch Bible

This one is a new one for me but I already love it! It is described as a podcast that dares to say what many are thinking, but only a bitch would say. And that is exactly what I have gotten so far by the three episodes I have listened to. There is unfiltered and unapologetic discussion about sex, millennial struggles, pop culture, and just some good ol' rants about life. This is a fun one to lighten any mood. 

5. My Favorite Murder

Another newbie to my list. My Favorite  Murder is a crime comedy hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. They talk about their favorite tales of murder and hear hometown crime stories from friends and families. I don't know why I like listening to murder/crime shows because I am terrified of anything scary. Like I don't do scary movies or anything because #nightmares. But, this show and the others I listed I just was okay with for some reason! If you like watching Criminal Minds or Law and Order then you'll like it! 

6. The Happy Hour With Jamie Ivey

This podcast has a religious piece. I was on the hunt for a good show that would give me thoughts and ideas about what other Christian women would do in certain situations. Jamie Ivey brings a guest to the show and they discuss anything and everything. It is an encouraging show that will just help you get through the week.

7. Millennial 

Millennial is basically what you think it would be. A podcast that documents the life of a millennial that is coming of age. It started out as just talking about post-graduation life and has grown like crazy! It is captured in real time which is something that is a little different than the others on this list. I like it because it is raw and real. I have faced lots of struggles during post grad life and I think that hearing another millennial struggling with some of the same stuff it just makes life easier ya know?

8. Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

I know you probably are surprised but this is another podcast where girls can have a space the feel empowered to be themselves. And this one is hosted by Kaitlyn Bristowe. If you are a follower of The Bachelor/Bachelorette then you know who I'm talking about! This show is so down to earth and just relatable. She pops open bottles of wine and has convos with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. 

9. She Did It Her Way 

Because I loved Girlboss so much I wanted to find another show that had the same kind of vibe. She Did It Her Way is another podcast that brings on top female entrepreneurs to talk about their journey. These women have gone out, taken risks and done things their way!  

10. Dear Sugars

In this podcast they put it all on the table and don't hold back. They discuss topics from body weight and romance to living in the shadow of damaged parents. I have found this to really hit on topics close to home which was nice because it was relatable. They even answer letters from others discussing their point of view on some of the topics. If you want to hear it all then give this a listen!

I tried to give you a variety of different podcasts so that you might find one that you are obsessed with. I promise that once you find one you really like you will be hooked. (Also, I have so many more but didn't want to go crazy with this list so just ask if you want more!)


Don't feel pressured that you have to like them all. I look around and download one episode of show I thought seemed interesting and then gave it a listen. If about 20 minutes in it seemed to be keeping my interest then I knew to download more and if it didn't then I deleted it and moved on to the next. 

Trust me, I have found a ton that just didn't click with me and that doesn't mean you won't find one you do like you just haven't yet.I don't just love every podcast I have found and think they are all amazing so don't get me wrong there are some bad ones or boring ones or ones that really weren't hitting on what I was hoping. But, I have also found some like the ones listed above where I didn't want to turn it off because it was giving me such a high or raising my confidence and making me feel like I could conquer the world. 

Oh, and I feel like it is worth mentioning, if you are known for falling asleep while driving *raising my hand like crazy* then make sure you are really listening to ones that make you feel very engaged and not like snoozing lol. Because idk for me the whole talk show thing can also put me to sleep (not in a bad way).

Let me know what you guys think! And if you have any that aren't on this list that you think I would love please comment them below. I love adding new ones to my list 😊



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