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What Does It Take To Make Your Dreams A Reality

We all want things. All of us. Some will want the best for their kids, others will want that dream home and some with only think of traveling the world. But as people and women and parents, there are things that we want. Dreams, wishes, and hopes. Goals, even. They exist. And it’s not okay to pretend that they don’t. It’s not okay to push your dreams to the side for others.

Kenzie Lynn | Her Time
Kenzie Lynn | Her Time

It’s not okay to just settle and accept a subpar existing if you know you were made for more.

Now, if you’re happy, then you’re on the right track. If you know that you’re in the best possible place and you are the very best version of yourself right now, and you’re happy, congratulations - you’ve done it. You’ve found the secret to a successful life. But if you’re not there yet, you have a little more work to do. And it starts by working towards those dreams.

But how do you do that? And what if you’re scared? Or living your life for others? Let’s take a look at what you can do to make your dreams a reality.

Kenzie Lynn | Her Time
Kenzie Lynn | Her Time

Accepting Your Reality

To make this happen, you need to accept where you are today. Because a lot of the time, you’ll find that you fight against what is. And you cannot move forward unless you know where you are. That you accept the kind of home you have and the kind of parent you are. You need to OWN that state in order to have a starting point to move forward.

Setting Goals

Next, you need to set goals. Because dreams are images in your mind. But goals - goals are the manifestations of those dreams. So think about HOW you get that dream to come true. WHAT do you need to do? From saving for the mega dream home to improving how you interact with people. Work it all out.

Knowing Your Life’s Mission

And you also need to know what you want out of life. What’s the aim? What do you want to achieve and how do you want to feel? Do you want to raise your kids well? Do you want to live well? Do you want to feel like you've given back to a bigger cause? When you know the mission, you can make sure the way you spend your time leads to this.

Matching It All Up

To make this happen, you then need to make the match. And this is going to involve you taking the goals and the mission and then bring them to life. Taking your current reality and accepting where you are, but then moving closer to the dream. And this all takes action. From starting to save money for that house and looking at homes for sale to reading a book every night so you can become an expert in your particular career, you can make it happen.

You just have to act.

And then, you’ve done it. Or you’re on the path. And you’re going to find that you’re way more fulfilled in your everyday life BECAUSE you are getting closer to the reality that you know was meant for you.

Much love,



*Please note that this post may have affiliate links*  Any products listed or reviews and opinions are as always of my own and true to how I feel.

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