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Growing up (and still to this day) blueberry muffins have been some of my all time favorite treats!

I have a lot of great memories from eating muffins. Like when I was in Junior High, I would stay at my friend Savannah's house every weekend and her mother always had muffins made for us for breakfast before going to basketball practice. That is where I learned that spreading butter on warm muffins = HEAVEN!

Another all time fave of mine is making my mom's specialty blueberry muffins for school when you had those awesome *bring food to class days*.  

When I go home from time to time to hang out with the fam, my mom will make me a big pan of her blueberry muffins because she knows it always makes me smile and makes my belly very happy too. 

There is one thing that makes my moms blueberry muffins differentfrom everyone else and why I can eat the whole dang pan for myself and TODAY I am going to share that to you all 😊

So, the one thing that is different is that my mother always makes it in a normal cake pan. (Now, this could be because it's easier and my mom is all about the easy way) I mean I am the same way and if we all admit it we all like the easy way with just about anything. Don't worry I won't tell anyone. 

The second thing that makes her blueberry muffins to die for is the topping she puts on them 😋 My mouth is already watering just thinking about them. 

Steps to Take:

*First you make the muffins in a cake pan. 

*Second, you melt butter and pour it on top.  

*Third, you mix cinnamon and sugar in a bowl together. 

*Lastly, you pour the cinnamon and sugar mix on top.

I know, I know so E A S Y!!!! Told you I am all about that easy stuff 💁🏼💁🏼💁🏼

You will never eat something as tasty as this and I swear it! 

You can totally get fancy and make the blueberry muffins from scratch or you can do what I do and just make it from the box. Either way you decide to do it though, the topping is what will take it to new heights. 

Make sure your cake pan is small enough for the amount you want to make like with this pan I needed two boxes otherwise it would be too thin. I would also suggest not cooking it until its full, fluffy time (but that is just my preference, because I like it to be a little gooey) 

Also, make sure to heat it up and spread more butter on it every time if you want to make it better (: If you can't tell I am all about the carbs and sugars and don't really watch what I eat but ehh I'm okay with that haha.

Let me know how it works out for you guys and if you love it as much as I do, but be careful because you will want to eat the whole pan to yourself so you might want to make 2 batches just in case you have to share (;




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