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I am about to share the best and most coveted advice that I know.

Are you ready?



Did you get that? Should I explain?

So, as a recent college graduate and a newbie to this whole "adulting" thing, I have recently been pushed and shoved into so many uncomfortable situations. And when I say uncomfortable, it isn't because it is actually uncomfortable like in a bad way but rather in a new way that makes everything scary simply from the unknown. Do I go to a conference where I know no one? Do I ask to take on more responsibility? Do I drop by an office just to make connections and gain insight?

I know the fear sometimes lies in the fact that we feel that because we are young we aren't relevant or have something interesting to input. But I have learned that even though we are young it doesn't make us incompetent or irrelevant to the situations that we are placed in. We need to step up and speak up; ask the questions we need/want to know and don't sit back like a scared child and wait for someone else to do it!!! Because let me tell you this, they won't. You are the only one who can make your dreams come true and get you to the next milestone in your life.

I am not saying that I am not guilty of not stepping up as well. I will be the first person to raise my hand and scream *GUILTY*. I have refused and protested for years when my father tried to teach me to pick up the phone because others won't, go into the office and say hello for no other reason other than networking because others won't, and ask ask ask those burning questions because again, others won't.

These are things that I have recently started doing in my life and it has made a tremendous difference! The feeling hasn't gone away though, there are still times when I want to say NO, NO, NO but then realize I should say YES, YES, YES.

I have realized just how important these things are and how easy and NOT scary they actually are. I have made connections, gotten internships, and made a name for myself. Being young is the best time to say yes, to ask questions, and to jump off the cliff into uncomfortable situations because they will lead you to many amazing opportunities.

I challenge you to start to do what makes you uncomfortable and to realize your worth even at a young age. You aren't wrong in asking questions to gain more knowledge. You are actually praised for it because you are the exception. You will be the one who is passionate and confident in what you want to achieve and others will recognize that. But most importantly embrace being you for you!

One other tip: Having my dad push me and reassure me that it was okay and it was actually a good thing to do these things helped so much in my confidence. So,find someone who can also be your motivator and once you figure this out for yourself challenge others and be their encourager, their pusher that helps them overcome these obstacles as well and soon we will have this amazing cycle of inspirational mentors helping others achieve their dreams in life.

What more could we ask for?

Good luck all and I hope you have the same revelation as myself!


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